ABBE Technology Solutions, Inc.


We believe that a company is largely defined by its people - from owners to employees.
    • Cathy Paglinawan
    • President
    • "Here at ABBE, our culture is defined by our core values of honesty, hard work, integrity and trust.

      This is the main foundation of how we establish and build strong relationship with our partners and customers, and a strong influence on how we do business and in life."
    Cathy Paglinawan, President
    • Nora Sanchez
    • Chief Finance Officer
    Nora Sanchez, Finance
    • Jesus Alonsagay
    • Head - Professional Services Group
    • "I’m making excellence my new normal."
    Jesus Alonsagay, Professional Services Group
    • Emilio Cinco
    • Head - Project Management Office
    • "Work like there’s no tomorrow"
    Emilio Cinco, Project Management Office
  • Sales Team

    Expect nothing but the best service every time you deal with our Account Managers.
    • Sharmaine Ann Yusay
    • Account Manager
      Telecom and Utilities

    • "Make it happen!"
    Sharmaine Ann Yusay, Telecom and Utilities
    • Crissele Liwanag
    • Account Manager
      Telecom and Manufacturing
    Crissele Liwanag, Telecommunications and Manufacturing
    • Melanie Malapad
    • Account Manager
      Media, Hospitality and Transportation

    • "When you have a happy customer, everything follows."
    Melanie Malapad, Media, Hospitality and Transportation
    • Sales Assistant
    • "I love my job! When I accomplished certain task it uplifts my spirit."
    Jackielyn Flores, Sales
    • Sales Assistant
    • "I treasure my work, the same way how I treasure my shoes!"
    Grace Tolentino, Sales
    • Human Resource & Administrative Officer
    • "It's all about the attitude. Work smart and be nice to people."
    April Garcia, Human Resource and Administration
    • Marilyn Quiambao
    • Executive Assistant
    • "Believe in yourself and your strength, life can be hard at times. Obstacles are along the road....YOU will get through it...YOU have the strength to do so."
    Marilyn Quiambao, Executive Assistant
  • Professional Service Group

    We take pride in our excellent customer service, and the Rockstars working behind the scenes to make this possible.
    • Emmanuel Perez
    • Technical Architect for Storage
    • "Don't tell your God how big your storm is, instead tell your storm how big your God is."
    Emmanuel Perez, Technical Architect for Storage
    • Mariano Bernardo, Jr.
    • Pre-Sales Engineer for EMC and VMWare
    Mariano Bernardo, Jr., Pre-Sales Engineer for EMC and VMWare
    • Jose Nino Noda
    • Dell Customer Engineer
    Jose Nino Noda, DELL Customer Engineer
    • Lea Dela Cruz
    • Pre-Sales Engineer for VMWare and Cisco UCS, VMWare Engineer
    • "Excellence Within"
    Lea Dela Cruz, Pre-Sales Engineer for VMWare and Cisco UCS, VMWare Engineer
    • Gilbert Evangelista
    • Technical Architect for Data Protection
    Gilbert Evangelista, Technical Architect for Data Protection
    • Christian Atienza
    • EMC Customer Engineer
    • "Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there."
    Christian Atienza, EMC Customer Engineer
    • Nikky Manabat
    • Cisco UCS Engineer
    Nikky Manabat, Cisco UCS Engineer
    • Technical Support Engineer for VMWare and Cisco UCS
    • "For success, Attitude is equally as important as Ability."
    Kelvin dela Paz, Technical Support Engineer for VMWare and Cisco UCS
    • Junior Technical Support Engineer for EMC
    • "Hard work is the key in opening the door to your dream."
    Marc Vincent Flores, Junior Technical Support Engineer for EMC
    • Pre-Sales Engineer
    • "Success lies in a person's determination."
    Kevin John Forbes, Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Finance Team

    While we focus on growing your business and ours, we trust the accounting to this team. The only department, where everybody counts.
    • Finance Supervisor
    Filipina Barrera, Finance
    • Finance Associate
    Myra Paz dela Cruz, Finance
    • Purchasing Associate
    • "Give yourself a break before you breakdown."
    Quennie Maceda, Purchasing
    • Credit and Collection Officer
    • "God didn't ask to be the best, just to do your best."
    Roy Ramirez, Credit and Collection