About Us

Agility Unleashed

ABBE (established 1999) is a consulting services firm committed to helping organizations realize the value of having the right information management tools in place to address current and future business needs.

To deliver this commitment, we have established partnerships with industry leaders Dell Technologies, Vmware, and Cisco. With our partners, we are able to build integrated solutions for our clients ranging from the acquisition and protection of data to its retrieval and analysis for business decisions - the agile business.

Our engineers are constantly trained and certified on these solutions to ensure proper implementation and maintenance. To our customers, we offer our traditional brand of service - customer intimacy. For this long-term engagement with customers, we have constantly received recognition from our partners.

Our customer support ensures the reliability and dependability of the solution in place. This provides for the maximum utility of the client's investment and the support of its growth as the business prospers and as its needs change with the market and its business realities.

Our Partners

Dell Technologies Titanium Partner As a focused Backup and Storage solution provider, ABBE Technology Solutions Inc. has been a loyal partner of DellEMC since 2006. Since then, we have maintained the highest partnership level, Titanium Partnership. With this partnership, we can resell EMC’s products and services to the Philippine market all the while adding our unique services and technical capabilities.

In 2015, Dell Technologies acquired EMC. The merger revolutionize the whole EMC solutions bringing it to its highest level of potential. It became a catalyst to outperform its competitor and allowing us resellers to expand our portfolio through our products and services.

In 2019, ABBE Technology Solutions Inc. achieved a milestone by officially been recognized as one of the few Dell Technologies Titanium partner here in the Philippines. This feat was only possible through our deep understanding of the Dell Technologies solutions and our strong consistent connection with their technology innovations and business leadership team. This level of partnership is reflected not only on how we do business with our partners but also with every future-ready solutions we provide for both the data center and workforce.

Our Advantage

Dell Technologies Titanium Partnership

The Dell Technologies Titanium Partnership advantage:

1. Access to Dell Technologies resources – Simplified engagement for customers allowing swift access to Dell Technologies resources tools and support

2. Dell Technologies Training - Training. While required to maintain the highest level of certifications, we receive extensive training and competencies program to ensure our product knowledge, support and implementation skills are within the Dell Technologies quality standards.

3. Competitive pricing – By dedicating our resources, manpower, skillset and expertise solely for Dell Technologies, we are given the best pricing option available for partners here in the Philippines raising higher the level of value proposition we provide to our customers.

4. Unmatched Support and Implementation services

Dell Technologies requires our team to regularly be current on the latest products and services by ensuring that we undergo advanced training and complete competency courses on various types of Dell products and services on an annual basis

Through the years, we’ve helped organizations modernize and transform by offering best-in-class solutions that manage, manipulate, and better utilize data through advanced data storage, information security, virtualization, and cloud computing solutions.