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Cisco HyperFlex HX220c Edge M6 Node

Rich digital experiences need always-on, local, high-performance computing that is close to users. Retail, finance, education, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing organizations, and remote and branch offices in general, are all pushing computing to the network edge. Cisco HyperFlex™ HX220c Edge M6 Nodes bring the robust feature set of Cisco HyperFlex systems to your edge environments with high-capacity storage and cloud management in a small footprint.

Simplicity for the edge.

As enterprise applications migrated to centralized data centers and the cloud, the Internet edge moved closer to user devices and organizational touchpoints like remote and branch offices. Cisco HyperFlex HX220c Edge M6 Nodes are deployed as a pre-integrated cluster with a unified pool of resources that you can quickly provision, adapt, scale, and manage to efficiently power your remote-office and branch-office (ROBO) locations. Physically, the solutions are deployed as sets of two, three, or four edge-specific nodes that use Cisco or third-party Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, offering the utmost in flexibility for deployment in remote and branch-office environments. All nodes use 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs and next-generation DDR4 memory and offer 12-Gbps SAS throughput.

Cisco HyperFlex HX220c Edge M6 Nodes

Cisco HyperFlex HX220c Edge M6 Nodes bring high storage capacity to the network edge. These nodes are available with hybrid and all-flash storage in a one-rack-unit (1RU) chassis. With the same easy deployment and management as all Cisco HyperFlex Edge systems, these platforms bring greater storage capacity to edge locations and small or medium-size businesses. The solutions are managed by the Cisco Intersight™ cloud operations platform, delivering consistent policy-based enforcement, powering growing requirements in branch offices and remote sites, and enabling new IoT and intelligent services at the network edge.