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Dell Technologies Powerstore

PowerStore provides our customers with data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads. We accomplish this through:

Data-centric design that optimizes system performance, scalability, and storage efficiency to support any workload without compromise.

Intelligent automation through programmable, autonomous infrastructure that simplifies management and optimizes system resources, while enabling proactive health analytics to easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment.

Adaptable architecture that enables speed and application mobility, offers flexible deployment models, and provides choice, predictability, and investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades.

PowerStore is architected to eliminate the typical tradeoffs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency. Modern infrastructure must be built on the most advanced technologies available in order to deliver the extended lifecycles that organizations are looking for, while also supporting a dynamic approach to scalability that enables new generations of systems to integrate seamlessly with existing deployments.

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