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PowerFlex is a hyperconverged solution that delivers flexible, scalable, and highly-performant software-defined storage. This solution was tested with and has passed Epic GenerateIO and DiskSpd testing to run Caché/IRIS operational databases, relational databases, Hyperspace presentation tier and web/service server VMs.
Only Dell EMC hyper-converged systems provide standardization, modular scale, tightly integrated converged solutions, life cycle management, and industry-best customer experience—enabling ondemand IT services that further accelerate business outcomes and time-to-value.

Hyperconverged for High-Performance Applications and Databases
Unlike other hyperconverged solutions, every node in the PowerFlex cluster is used in the processing of I/O operations, making all I/O and throughput accessible to any application within the cluster. Such massive I/O parallelism eliminates performance bottlenecks and the primary reason why PowerFlex is approved for your entire EMR deployment, from presentation, application to databases.

Throughput and IOPs scale in direct proportion to the number of nodes added to the system, improving cost/performance rates with growth. Performance optimization is automatic; whenever rebuilds and rebalances are needed, they occur in the background with minimal or no impact to applications and users.
Dell EMC PowerFlexOS is the software that abstracts, pools, and automates block storage in the PowerEdge Servers, meaning all servers participate in servicing I/O requests. Its massively parallel processing ensures that I/O is aggregated and performance scales linearly as the number of servers grows, eliminating bottlenecks.