Created and Updated: February 8, 2023

Top Reasons Why Customers Choose
A Continuously Modern Storage Experience

1. Software-driven innovation
With the growing focus on AIOps, DevOps, security and multi-cloud – it’s not just about storage capacity and performance anymore. That’s why we’re aggressively delivering the right software innovations across our entire storage portfolio – including PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerFlex, PowerScale, PowerProtect, Unity XT and CloudIQ. Innovations like our highly adaptable software architectures, comprehensive cyber resiliency and multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility. In fact, over 85% of ISG engineers are software engineers …hard at work. We delivered a new or updated product every day including weekends and holidays in Dell’s last fiscal year. Because we know you need to go faster and do more with less.

2. Adaptable software architectures
Our software architectures have integrated intelligence. Built-in AI and automation. They adapt with you, to change. Software that can scale! Start small and scale-up to 18PBe of unified capacity with PowerStore and 119PBe of file storage with PowerScale. Increase performance and capacity independently – data path optimization delivers linear scale with PowerFlex. And, with SmartScale get even more data protection at scale, aggregating resources across >3EB of logical capacity. Plus take advantage of our newest capabilities, on-demand – with non-disruptive software upgrades.

3. Developer velocity
Giving developers the clouds they need. That’s the name of the game. And automation is the key. We make it easy for DevOps teams to deliver IT with the agility of cloud – on-premises. Our integrated, DevOps-ready platforms automate provisioning and operations – so you can focus on managing containers, not infrastructure. Get a consistent user experience as you connect from on-prem to the public cloud. We offer the broadest DevOps-ready platform portfolio fully validated with all major hyper-scalers and container orchestration platforms. You’ll benefit from our enterprise storage capabilities like snapshotting, replication, observability, authorization, and resiliency – along with leading Kubernetes orchestration. Plus easily backup and restore those same containers from test/dev and production, with our multi-cloud data protection software.

4. Intelligent insights
To get insights you need intelligence – human and machine. Our AIOps software is really smart. It uses telemetry, ML and other analytic algorithms to help both traditional ITOps and DevOps teams proactively resolve infrastructure issues up to 10X faster. Intelligent insights end-to-end, across Dell’s entire infrastructure portfolio. CloudIQ saves IT one workday per week on average – time that can be spent on performance tuning and new product development. Give teams the valuable insights they need to keep infrastructure healthy and cyber-secure.

5. Comprehensive cyber resiliency
There’s good reason why Dell serves 96% of the Fortune 500 companies. First, we deliver the world’s most secure mission-critical storage with PowerMax. It’s designed for robust Zero Trust security architectures that protect your high value information at each point in a potential data breach. And when it comes to modern protection against cyberattacks like ransomware you need software advances like operational air gap with data isolation and immutability. Organizations need a secure vault, whether on-premises or in the public cloud, to secure and recover critical data. PowerFlex software defined infrastructure works with our PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution so you can find data corruption with up to 99.5% confidence.

6. Multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility
Multi-cloud is here to stay. And that requires intelligent storage on-premises, in public clouds, cloud adjacent or in colocation centers. Use “any data in your clouds” with a consistent experience. Our cloud-enabled software gives you multi-cloud by design, not default. In fact, we offer the broadest enterprise product portfolio from a single vendor supporting all major hyperscalers. Get enterprise scale – performance and capacity by taking advantage of Dell’s rich storage and data protection services such as our scale-out file system and advanced data reduction capabilities for apps running in public cloud, aka Project Alpine. Did you know Dell Technologies has 10.3 EB of data protected in the cloud? – and it’s growing every day.

7. Trusted by more customers
Dell is #1 in storage software, NAS, Unstructured Storage, Hyperconverged Systems, External Enterprise Storage Systems, Data Replication & Protection Software and Data Protection Appliance & Software. Then there’s the Dell Future-Proof Program – it takes the worry out of buying storage. Purchasing our storage qualifies for the Three-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, up to a 4:1 Data Reduction Guarantee, up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee, Never-Worry Data Migrations, Anytime Upgrade options, flexible payments and more. Plus, you’re backed by world-class services. Get peace of mind with a continuously modern storage experience.