. The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation
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The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation

  • Date Published: July 21, 2020
The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation

The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation

Data is today’s digital currency. It continues to widen the gap between modernized and aging IT organizations. But it’s not enough to simply have a lot of data - it’s what you do with the data that counts. How is it stored? How fast can you process it? How quickly can you turn that raw data into something useful? Organizations focused on a successful digital transformation must develop a comprehensive IT modernization strategy that addresses these issues. Data-fueled technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence are on the rise. Modernized companies that can use these technologies to leverage their data have a significant edge over their competitors – while those with aging IT infrastructure will be left behind. Although it brings many potential benefits, this industry shift also presents numerous challenges for IT departments. While the need for reliability and predictability will always be important, in today’s world it is no longer enough. IT must balance reliability and predictability with the need for speed and agility. Success depends on a company’s ability to quickly adapt and scale to a rapidly changing environment. Given this need for speed and flexibility, it’s critical that organizations have the infrastructure in place to handle emerging technology. Modular servers help many companies achieve this, because they make it easier for users to scale and manage different workloads. In fact, we’ve found that 20% of the overall compute in modernized companies is comprised of modular servers, compared to only 5% in aging companies*. This eBook provides essential information on modular infrastructure, and the role it can play in a company’s IT transformation. First, we define modular infrastructure and highlight its key benefits. Next, we provide an overview of the Dell EMC modular portfolio and introduce kinetic infrastructure, which lays the path for full composability. Finally, we highlight the benefits of our newest modular server, PowerEdge MX, designed with kinetic infrastructure.

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