ABBE Technology Solutions, Inc.



  • Date Published: July 20, 2016

ABBE Technology Solutions Inc. (ABBE) is thrilled to announce the launching of its brand new website

With a bold new look, and enhanced navigation experience, ABBE aims to provide its customers and web visitors a straight forward webpage that showcase its products and services, and more importantly a glimpse of its employees who helps define the way ABBE deliver its commitment and quality customer service.

In achieving better design through simplicity, we keep the needs of our users in mind, and used a style with only few important elements, to give each content its space to breathe ensuring we attract our visitor’s attention rather than other elements that could be rather distracting.

To allow each piece to speak for itself, we’ve streamlined our menus to give our users, quick access to the items they are looking for. We’ve also consolidated all our products and services and provided links to our partner’s portal where a detailed description of every product is provided.

We also took into consideration keeping our visitors, partners and customers updated with new stuff, trends and technology hence the inclusion of the “News” page. Trending topics, blogs, events and news will be rolled out and shared in this page, including write-ups that doesn’t necessarily relate to IT, however may be interesting to our users.

We’re also excited to share our “TEAM PAGE” where our visitors can view ABBE’s employees. Since our business is heavily reliant on face-to-face transactions, and we heavily invest on the quality customer service we provide to our customers, we decided to showcase the people behind the workforce of ABBE and the department they belong to. This allows our visitors and future customers to have an option to address their every query or feedback to a specific employee, thus making every correspondence personal.

Our customers and future customers will also now have direct access to their assigned Account Managers contacts. By visiting the bottom part of the Home page, the list of the account manager’s contacts and segment assignment is now available, thus allowing our customers to get in touch with them straight, without having to fill-up the general query form and wait for it to be forwarded to the assigned Account Manager.

To ensure that our turn-around-time is efficient and customer friendly, we will also roll-out a live chat feature within the web page, where everyone can utilize and have a real-time response. This will be launch any time this week and we’ll keep everyone in the loop once this is activated.

The website aims to boost the local visibility of our ready-and-available sales force, services and support, which, through collaboration among partners and together with our internal support and management team, can extend current limits to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

Please look around as we are still kicking the tires ourselves and do let us know what you found great and/or challenging about our new site. You can do this directly through our Live Chat Feature or Contact Us page and we will respond as soon as possible. Thanks and enjoy looking around!