ABBE Technology Solutions, Inc.


Other Services

Data Center Relocation, Re-certification, LC Cabling, Cable Labeling, Data Center Waste Disposal Services, Information Security Compliance, Vulnerability, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment, IT Audit (GenCon), Standards Training, Security Management Systems, ISMS, Business Contingency, Disaster Recovery Management, BCM, DRP, Packing Trucking Services


Data Center Relocation

We provide relocation services including disassembling, packaging, trucking and assembling of the relocated products. The equipment vendor(s) will be contracted to do the recertification which includes powering down and powering up of the equipment.

LC Cabling

We provide LC cabling services. This includes cable labeling. The engagement should not require cutting and crimping.

Data Center Waste Disposal Services

We provide service to remove and dispose the data center equipment the Customer no longer need.

Information Security and Compliance

       Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
       Business Risk Assessment
       Infrastructure and Application Risk Assessment
       General IT Audit (GenCon)
       Compliance Audit
       Standards Training
       Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Development
       Business Contingency Management Development
       Disaster Recovery Management Design and Development
       BCM/DRP Training

Packing and Trucking Services

We provide packing and trucking services with experience in handling data center equipment such as servers, racks, storages, UPS, network equipment, etc. Vulnerability Assessment
We provide a vulnerability assessment not biased to any particular brand.