Advance With Us!

ABBE is committed to advance businesses and individuals towards a more sustainable life through technology

ABBE does not only provide technology and service. We create and innovate ways on how businessesgrow with the use of technology and create opportunities for talented individuals.

We create positive impact to our society through our Company Social Responsibility activities as well as implementation of the Human Rights framework of the United Nations in our policies and operations.

ABBE strongly adheres to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This is used as reference in our policies and processes which are applicable to all employees as well as our suppliers.

We are committed to respect and embed into our operations, frameworks and processes the principles that are recognized by the United Nations. We believe that by respecting human rights, our people have the full capacity to be at their full potential at the same time be better citizens.

We respect our stakeholder’s rights by following the codes of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We respect and understand the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles concerning fundamental rights set out in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

ABBE have placed policies and processes in identifying, preventing, mitigating and account on how to address adverse human rights impact. We carefully assessed the threats that our stakeholders might face: Security, Labour Rights, Equality and Non-Discrimination.

We commit ourselves to provide a safe working environment for our stakeholders. ABBE believes that our stakeholders has the fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment. We envision our stakeholders to be healthy and protected from harm. With this, we carefully asses security threats and risks in our operations.

We respect and promote the rights and welfare of our stakeholders. We know that when people are protected and cared for, they perform at their best. We respect the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. We also offer equal opportunities to everyone and have non- discriminatory policies to help create a fair labor practice. Creating a positive and diverse environment for all stakeholders.

We at ABBE only partner with the finest technologies in the market. These technologies are from companies that exhibits responsible business and have the vision for business sustainability.

Our partners spread to us the awareness of environmental impacts about the products that we resell to our customers

They put their hearts in everything that they do. They collaborate with us partners the obligation to safeguard and develop our planet, giving so much value on using natural resources in building the products that we offer and bring in to our customers

Together we aim for continuous innovations that will cater to our customers’ needs in the future. Our partners objectives are motivated by circular economy wherein recycling the products in the customers’ premise are on top of their minds.

ABBE’s partners’ R&Ds are also focused in producing products that play a significant role in mitigating climate change.

The Company aims for developing sustainability by continuous INNOVATION in implementing viable business practices and guaranteeing the products we carry support the green movement. Having EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT on supporting energy efficiency and bringing in ideas for solutions that will help implement and improve the Company’s sustainability, and SELF-CONTEMPLATION for an unceasing improvement in our business operations.

The Company guarantee to uphold its assurance of confidence and reliability to sustain our competitive advantage in the industry, all these are ensured in our daily operations to prosper growth not only to individual employees but also a long-term economic growth for the Company.

ABBE ensures to be resilient in our daily operations to easily adapt to any disruptions or any uncertainties in the economy in order to maintain our business operations.

The Company carefully planned for its business continuity which are stated in the Company’s BCP document.

ABBE Management recognizes the impact of our relationship to the people and society. ABBE is responsible in the safety and health of their employees. Rules are put in place (which were defined in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics) to ensure that employees’ rights to a safe, conducive and healthy working environment are exercised.

ABBE values their employees’ voice. The Company encourages the employees to speak out. The Company practices open-door policy that permits the employees to reach out even to the highest officer in the Company. ABBE also supports a nourishing work-life balance for their employees to ensure that they will not burn-out from stress related situations.

Employee empowerment is also implemented and exemplifies among employee’s loyalty, commitment and having the power to be more productive.

Taal Outreach

Last January 12, 2020, The Taal volcano erupted and caused turmoil to our countrymen in Batangas andneighboring provinces. ABBE responded to the call for “the bayanihan spirit” and donated to the affected families in the area.

Feeding Program

The pandemic caused many problems in the Philippines one of which is having a hard time to obtain food. For one day, ABBE partnered up with Angat Buhay and went to a barangay to serve our fellow countrymen by having a feeding program.

For partnerships and collaborations, please send us a message at

Pequena Casa de Nazareth Visit

Last May 21, ABBE visited Pequena Casa de Nazareth in Las Pinas City, home to orphaned children, to give a smile to their faces and extend help by giving essential products such as food.