Product Manager for VMWare

The VMware product manager is involved in assessing customer needs, as well as performing market research and analyses.

Job Description:

* Identify opportunities, customer needs, build product vision and understand market roadmap and strategy
* Work with sales team in uncovering and progressing opportunities.
* Collect and synthesize inputs from engineering, sales, business units, vertical marketing group and the market to lead business and products direction
* Partner with cross functional teams to ensure quality product output, timeliness, and market requirements
* Be the Company’s Product Evangelist
* Analyze growth rate, SAM, TAM, SWOT, market penetration and competitive analysis for the products
* Optimize and manage market share, long-term competitiveness of the product line
* Monitor product profit margins
* Team up with design engineers and account managers and visit customers to propose product solution


*Minimum of 1 year experience in VMware product management
* Graduate of a 4 year course related to Business and/or Information technology
* Proficient computer skills
* Strong communications skills
* Ability to represent products at a professional level
* High integrity
* Solid work ethic
* Ability to work independently
* Ability to manage multiple projects

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