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Achieving High Performance with Dell EMC’s PowerSwitch

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Achieving High Performance with Dell EMC’s PowerSwitch

Today’s networks are handling higher traffic volumes as organizations deploy applications, such as streaming video, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). With these high data volumes, the growth of organizations will lead to organizations employ more data-intensive applications within their hybrid cloud environments for the foreseeable future. . Increasing network capacity without increasing network complexity and related capital and operational costs is an ongoing challenge that organizations need to address.

Relying on proprietary switching platforms also limits the ability for organizations to use operating systems that can best address how to build and manage their IT networks. This issue especially arises as more organizations have extended and scaled their IT environments from the data center to the cloud through the consumption of public cloud infrastructure services, public cloud applications, and cloud-native services. Today’s proprietary operating systems have not been designed to effectively optimize and manage traffic traversing these hybrid networks.

Meeting these unique demands requires a solution that will enable a high performance, high throughput platform that can scale to support low latency connectivity across the on-premises data center fabric network and into the cloud. The switching platform would ideally enable support for multiple open network operating systems so that organizations can choose the one that best serves their needs

How can Dell EMC Help You with This?

The Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON Series Switch, a high density, open networking switch is the latest release in the PowerSwitch Z Series. With its multi-rate support, 2 the PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON enables cost-effective connectivity up to 400GbE. This switch has been designed for networks to support intensive storage and compute traffic dictated by modern applications such as cloud internet of things (IoT), AI/ML, and streaming video requirements.

PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON has been designed to support up to 25.6Tbps non-blocking, full duplex switching, which helps the switch to deliver line-rate performance under full load. This enables the switch’s multi-rate support (via breakout cables) for its 32 physical 100GbE/400GbE switch ports. Port speed configurations include: • 32 400GbE ports. • 64 200GbE ports (via breakout cables). • 128 100GbE ports (via breakout cables). • 128 10G or 25G connections (via breakout cables).

With PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON’s flexibility in supporting multiple high-speed connections, organizations can provision the appropriate port speeds as business needs require. While this switch is ideal for functioning as a “super spine” (with the switch’s dual 100/400GbE support) and end of row data center switch, it can support any leaf-spine architecture. This flexibility can also help organizations to minimize the need for hardware upgrades as the network scales and traffic patterns change, as PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON can be configured to handle multiple connections from 10GbE to 400GbE within one rack unit (RU). Organizations no longer have to rely on traditional high-density switch chassis housing multiple low- or highspeed switches. Instead, PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON delivers a higher density switch within a smaller footprint.

PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON’s flexibility is also demonstrated via its support for Linux-based open networking operating systems, specifically Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 and Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies. While both operating systems can support the buildout of enterprise-grade networks, organizations can also develop additional networking capabilities, outside of the open-source community, tailored for specific needs unique to their business operations. By providing a choice in operating system used on the PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON, organizations can select one that best meets their networking configuration and management needs.

Customers deploying PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON also receive global enterprise-level technical support for issue resolution. For those that have also deployed Dell SmartFabric OS10 or Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies, Dell support will provide software-related updates and upgrades.