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Dell EMC on the Next Generation Edge Access for the Cloud Era

Next Generation Edge Access (Header)

Edge computing hype engine has accelerated in high speed with some seeing it as a new market that will potentially surpass the cloud market today. With the trending 5G and Internet of things (IoT) being in the forefront with edge opportunities, there are endless exciting application that awaits. With rich use cases that span augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), autonomous vehicles, gaming, remote surgery, and video processing and analytics, the edge appears to have no bounds.

With this in mind, Dell has created the Virtual Edge Platform (VEP). This delivers a dramatic revolution at the edge, enabling your organization to pivot from legacy closed routers to a modern Open Networking platform engineered specifically to power the next generation of virtual networking. With a wide range of hardware models, from the compact 1405 series to data center scale 4600 devices, plus an unmatched selection of virtualization software platforms available, VEP makes network edge transformation fast, simple, and secure.

Virtual Edge Platform enables organizations to rapidly modernize Wide Area Networking (WAN) and provide a platform that enables IT transformation at the edge. Built on Open Networking principles, the VEP is purpose built by Dell Technologies to deliver maximum flexibility and choice for organizations wanting to adopt modern SD-WAN and Virtual Network Functions such as WAN optimization, loadbalancers and firewalls to replace legacy routers.

VEP also empowers organizations to provide secure and stable access to IaaS, SaaS, and Cloud applications that are critical to business operations.

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