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Innovation at its finest with PowerEdge Server Solutions

PowerEdge Server Solutions (Header)

Innovation at its finest with PowerEdge Server Solutions
The digital economy along with the pandemic has catalyzed all organizations to move towards technology. Everyone is now looking for a competitive differentiator in creating higher engagement with customers, sparking new business models and keeping their lead on the competition. One of the core transformation agenda is CIOs with the balance between operational efficiency and forward-thinking projects. In this instances, servers are the bedrock of the modern software-defined data center and the key to building a flexible, efficient and cloud-enabled infrastructure.

In creating a worry-free infrastructure, Dell EMC PowerEdge can secure and scale your IT infrastructure with no compromises

What is Dell EMC PowerEdge’s server portfolio?

Dell EMC has created a scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security for your workloads from traditional applications and virtualization to cloud-native workloads. Dell EMC PowerEdge has created the same user experience, and the same integrated management experience across all of our servers, so you have one way to patch, manage, update, refresh and retire servers across the entire data center. It has incorporated the efficiencies of OpenManage systems management that enable IT pros to focus more time on strategic business objectives and spend less time on routine IT tasks. The PowerEdge portfolio of rack, tower and modular server infrastructure can help you quickly scale from the data center to the cloud.

Advantages of Dell EMC

Dell and EMC bring together industry-leading expertise in system design, storage and virtualization into a common platform to help you transform your data center with an unrivaled solution stack and unified support. Whether you are modernizing with analytics, cloud, converged or flash, Dell EMC PowerEdge is designed to be a common platform for all your solutions. Dell EMC pioneered kinetic infrastructure with its release of the PowerEdge MX. Kinetic infrastructure defines true composability as it instantly responds, adapts and evolves with shifting needs. Stranded resources, like storage, equal potential energy – and potential energy does nothing for the business when it is stranded. Dell EMC can deliver PowerEdge technology at any level of integration – from a best-in-breed platform, to a pre-integrated fully turnkey hybrid cloud implementation or any step in-between. Combining PowerEdge server infrastructure with Dell Services and Financial Solutions allows you to transform your data center faster, more affordably and with less risk.