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Prepare For What Comes Next With PowerStore

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Advancing patient care with modern, scalable storage designed to support your rapidly expanding deployment.

Healthcare digital transformation continues to accelerate in response to the need to expand efficiencies and drive down costs. AI, machine learning, automation and other data-driven technologies are reshaping both patient-facing clinical processes and internal systems.

Being able to harness the potential of data from these technologies is a necessary step towards realizing the promise of better, more personalized care. To do so, however, IT must be able to effectively manage, secure, and store this data while ensuring the right patient information and insights are readily accessible in real time, especially at the point of care.

Electronic health records (EHR) can provide patient data when and where it is needed with the proper IT infrastructure. To support their EHR deployments, healthcare organizations of all sizes require an agile, secure, and efficient data storage platform—enter Dell EMC PowerStore.

Recently rated with a comfort level of “Medium” from Epic for Operational Databases (ODB) and Analytical Databases within just a year of its release, PowerStore is fast becoming an integral component in healthcare IT ecosystems. These organizations choose PowerStore because of its performance, data efficiency, automation, cost efficiency, and security to keep pace with the rate of technological change and expanding workloads.


Storage optimized for today’s data-driven healthcare organizations.

PowerStore addresses the performance and reliability requirements of Epic by providing a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes both traditional and modern EHR workloads. As it eliminates traditional tradeoffs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, healthcare teams benefit by always having ready access to patient data at the point of care. At the same time, healthcare IT benefits from PowerStore’s adaptable and flexible architecture, which facilitates deploying EHR applications at the edge as needed.