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Security Update: Switch to Cloud-based technology

Security Update: Switch to Cloud-based technology




“It’s time for a security update!” We’ve all heard this before. Regardless of the industry you’re in, we understand the importance of maintaining strong security within any organization.




As the banking and finance industry continues to adapt to the latest trends, we recognize the challenges the financial industry face, such as the increasing demand for digitization, customer retention, and the threat of security breaches.

At ABBE & Bequik, we are committed to helping you enhance your organization. We understand that security is a critical component of company growth. Strong security provides peace of mind for both you and your employees. That’s why Verkada is the ideal partner for your company.

Choosing Verkada means selecting a security partner that prioritizes accessibility, ensures robust security through the prevention of vulnerabilities within a secure system infrastructure, and a seamless experience for your team.

Verkada is a cloud-based building security system that enhances daily life by offering video security, access control, intrusion detection, intercom, and other products.

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