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What is Dell Networking and its Portfolio

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What is Dell Networking and its Portfolio

Dell Technologies data center switching solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy at any scale. From 1 GbE to 100 GbE and 400 GbE multirate options, PowerSwitch switches provide optimum connectivity within the rack, between multiple racks, and through modular compute chassis solutions. PowerSwitch switches feature a choice of software options, including Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10, Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies, and options from the Dell Technologies Open Networking software ecosystem and open-source communities, to address virtually any enterprise or service provider use-case or environment at any scale.

Also, our standards-based networking solutions are interoperable with leading virtualization environments that serve as a foundation for scale-out storage, and hyperconverged infrastructure through deep integration for VMware NSX-T, VMware vCenter, VMware vSphere, and VMware vSAN and deployments. At the top of the rack, our latest PowerSwitch S series 25 GbE switches help customers unlock the high-speed I/O capabilities that are inherent in today’s server and storage elements, boosting performance 2.5x over legacy 10 GbE environments. The Dell EMC PowerSwitch S series platforms include 100 GbE uplinks to facilitate high-speed inter-rack connectivity with our PowerSwitch Z series family of 100 GbE and 400 GbE fabric switches. In addition to the migration towards open networking solutions within the data center, customers are also looking to reduce operating expenses.

Why Dell Networking?

• Dell Technologies is the market leader in open networking with the broadest set of offerings with Access/Edge, Core and Cloud hardware platforms from 1GbE to 400GbE connectivity.

• Dell Technologies worldwide ProSupport, ProDeploy and ProConsult services

• Consulting – Dell Technologies Consulting Services provides industry professionals with a wide range of tools and the experience your need to design and execute plans to transform your business.

• Deployment – Accelerate technology adoption with ProDeploy Enterprise Suite. Trust our experts to lead deployments through planning, configuration and complex integrations.

• Management – Regain control of operations with flexible IT management options. Our Residency Services help you adopt and optimize new technologies and our Managed Services allow you to outsource portions of your environment to us.

• Support – Increase productivity and reduce downtime with ProSupport Enterprise Suite. Expert support backed by proactive and predictive artificial intelligence tools.

Dell EMC Open Networking / Planning / Management

Open networking enable IT to build an application-agnostic, software-defined network infrastructure and simplify network management with standard automation tools and standards-based open platforms. Organizations can leverage open-source and automation tools to help automate up to 99% of networking tasks and help reduce the time and effort required to design, provision and manage these networks. Dell EMC Open Networking switch solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy, providing a clear path to software-defined networking (SDN).

Dell EMC OS6 / OS10 are Linux-based Open-Source Network Operating Systems supporting multiple architectures and environments. The OS10 solution is designed to allow multi-layered disaggregation of enterprise network functions. The OS6 version is designed for campus network and edge functions.

SONiC is an open-source software project under OCP and a network operating system with the seed code provided by Microsoft. This networking OS is open and extensible, and based on open-source Debian Linux distribution. It is container-based – incorporates a modular/micro services containerized architecture.

SONiC allows the operator to control the complexity of the data center fabric by moving towards an automated, intent-based, API-centric, and purposebuilt containerized network. Created for cloud operations at scale and it is real-world tested at production deployments on more than 50,000 switches at different hyper scalers and SAAS vendors. Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z and S series platforms are SONiC integrated.

Fabric Design Center tool is a simple-to-use, cloud-based design wizard that abstracts and automates the planning, design and deployment of network fabrics and will help you design and document a solution specific data center fabric in a few steps.

SmartFabric Services is an integrated component of Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10, which enables smarter fabrics and end-to-end management of physical to virtual environments, offering the benefits of faster provisioning, integrated automation, micro-segmentation and security.

SmartFabric Director is specifically designed to help define, provision and monitor a physical underlay data center fabric that is aware of a virtual network overlay and reacts to changing requirements in real-time.