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We provide consultancy in designing a small to medium scale data center that will meet our customer’s business needs.

Data Center Relocation Planning
We provide consultancy in planning a data center relocation project. We can provide insights on risk identification, assessment and mitigation, site preparation; shutdown and power up scheduling; disassembling, packing, trucking and assembling; and project management.

Enterprise Backup Assessment
We provide a review of a customer’s existing enterprise backup set-up and recommend actions to remediate errors and vulnerabilities that have been uncovered during the assessment.

Virtualization Readiness Assessment
We provide a review of a customer’s existing IT infrastructure, including OS and software apps, on its readiness to be transformed to a virtualized environment. The review will also provide the server and storage specifications required to run the apps and the hypervisor on a virtualized environment.

Risk Assessment
Provide risk assessment service to a customer. This entails a review of their proposed implementation plan, the information that they have gathered, the systems and equipment involved including their warranties and MA, as well as, the requirements of the vendors involved

Project Management
Provide overall project management service to a Customer. It involves doing the implementation plan, implementation strategies, timeline, and overseeing the implementation, UAT, Knowledge Transfer and the project documentation preparation.