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ABBE maintains several VMWare certified engineers that has implemented server virtualization, storage virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure and disaster recovery solutions for virtualized environments using VMWare. With our seasoned VMWare engineers, ABBE can help its customers design the right virtual infrastructure, and build it on schedule, within budget and as per specifications through effective project management, and finally manage the whole infrastructure onsite through an 8×5 managed services engagement.

1. VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
ABBE can help costumers leverage their resources to its maximum potential by orchestrating multiple desktops in virtual machines on a centralized server and streams them to users who log into thin client devices, whether its laptops, desktops, tablets, or even mobile phones.

2. DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)
ABBE can provide a powerful and flexible user experience by building a cloud environment that greatly suit their data center needs for streaming their virtual desktop. Eliminating the large up-front cost of building the VDI on-premises, offloads all the administrative work required to support, maintain, patch and upgrade the VDI.

Subscription type model (2 years to 5 years contract)
A great fit for large enterprise with 100 or more users

3. Storage Virtualization
ABBE will help enable all the storage devices on the network whether they’re installed on individual servers or standalone storage units to be accessed and managed as a single storage device. Making it easier to provision storage for VMs and servers, maximizing the use of all available storage on the network.

2 ABBE Engineers to implement storage virtualization on-prem.
24×7 support
12 tickets support for 1 year

4. Network Virtualization
ABBE can provide a single pane of glass view of the network that a network administrator can use to manage the network from a single console. The network administrator can modify and control these elements without touching the underlying physical components, which dramatically simplifies network management.

2 ABBE Engineers to implement storage virtualization on-prem.
24×7 support
12 tickets support for 1 year

5. Containerization
Portability, agility, fault isolation, ease of management, and security are among the advantages of utilizing containerization technology. ABBE can provide a containerize environment for customers whose goal is to further maximize their data center resources while cutting away licensing costs.